Arizona Flat Fee MLS Listing Service

Sell by owner on the Arizona Multiple Listing Service!

Why pay 6% when you can leverage the Arizona MLS® to market your Arizona home for 3% or less with the flat fee MLS marketing program is now available in Arizona!

Arizona home and property sellers no longer have to pay 6% commission fees to locate buyers.

For Sale By Owner Arizona offers the flat fee Arizona MLS (multiple listing service) program can save you at least 3% or more in commission fees.

You have the opportunity to save thousands by using the multiple listing service and this helps get your home seen by many prospective home buyers.

The Arizona Flat Fee MLS Plan starting at $195 Includes:

1. A six month listing on the local Arizona MLS, and many other websites.
2. A listing on
3. Market your property on some of the most popular real estate sites on the web.
4. A listing with the most popular flat fee MLS listing service in Arizona.
5. Printable flyers, buying and selling tips, etc...
(*Please note that you will be obligated to pay 2% to 3% by the licensee who is representing the buyer. If you find a buyer on your own without the use of a agent / licensee, you will not have commission charges.)

Check out the table below for typical savings through the MLS at 3%. Offering 2% to 3% is entirely up to you, your circumstances, and required exposure of your home.
(By signing up for the MLS flat fee program, you are acknowledging that you have had an opportunity to review the Arizona MLS flat fee Terms of Use and accept them.)


James Klaven - "We used your flat fee Arizona MLS program and sold our Phoenix townhome in just two weeks. Thanks!"
Julie Smith - "Your flat fee MLS program was a success! I have been telling all of my friends around the neighborhood. Thanks."
John Davids - "We sold our house in 8 days after listing it with you on the MLS. Thank you for your service."

To get started, please click on the sign up link below.



Flat Fee Arizona MLS Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Arizona MLS (Multiple Listing Service)?
A service created and run by real estate professionals which gathers all of the property listings into a single place so that purchasers may review all available properties from one source. The MLS also deals with commission splitting and other relations between brokers and agents.
The MLS works with real estate agents who will be fairly compensated for their sales efforts by receiving a commission to help find buyers for sellers.
*We are not the Arizona MLS® (Arizona Multiple Listing Service) and provide a gateway to get your home listed on the multiple listing service for a flat fee.

Will I be contacted prior to each showing?
Yes, realtors will contact you before showing your Arizona home to interested buyers.

What happens if I sell my home on my own?
The seller has the right to sell their Arizona home, even after placing a home in a MLS. If this occurs, the seller is not required to pay commission fees.

Will my home be listed on the internet and how long?
Yes, as a part of the Flat Fee Arizona MLS service, you can have your home listed on the internet. Having this information online makes it possible for both national and worldwide parties to view your home. By having a home for sale online, it is seen instantly around the world. Your listing will be listed on the MLS for 6 months.

How long does it take to get listed on the Arizona MLS?
After your listing and payment has been made, our broker will contact you via email to have you complete the MLS listing property paperwork. The process usually is complete within 24 hours and your property will be listed on the MLS.
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